What if you could change the world?
You as an individual woman. 

You as part of a powerful cohort of women who support and sponsor each other’s success.

You and 50 Women Can!
Applications Open for Law & Healthcare Sectors
Join Take The Lead and 49 other emerging leaders in your industry and claim your Power To change the world.
Take The Lead’s 50 Women Can Change the World program provides women with the intention and skills to step into greater leadership roles and embrace their power to lead change in the culture of their professions.

Women will reach parity in leadership through culture shift and equipped, intentional leaders. That’s how we reduce harassment, bullying, and improve communication and cooperation--by sharing power TO instead of using power OVER others.
You have the power, here are the tools
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5 Smart Moves to Lead with Intention, Not by Default
Ready to power up your career?
  • Define power in a new way that will energize you, increasing your joy and the value you bring to your organization
  • Evolve and awaken your inner power with 9 Leadership Power Tools and a system for applying them to your goals 
  • Embrace your power with intention, confidence, and authenticity 
  • Employ effective strategies for networking with purpose and negotiating with confidence 
  • Understand the game – what’s keeping women from parity in leadership roles and how you can overcome those barriers to accelerate your own career 
  • Use a powerful Strategic Leadership Action Plan that will take you where YOU want to go 
  • Build a Collaborative Action Plan with ideal industry partners
  • Experience a breakthrough in your career, and your life
"One of the most important and powerful things I learned was to connect with my own story and how to use that as fuel to elevate my own power."
- Alicia Ontiveros, Writer/Director
"Before this program, I would not have submitted my application for the Executive Director position and I most certainly would not have negotiated a higher salary, including an agreement to more earnings as I gain more responsibility and funding."
- Katie Thorson Wasson
Unlike any other leadership program
Our research-based core curriculum was developed by co-founder and president of Take The Lead, Gloria Feldt and based on her bestselling book No Excuses: 9 Ways Women Can Change How We Think About Power and her "9 Leadership Power Tools to Advance Your Career."

Our approach is to teach women how to lead themselves, their careers, and their organizations and systems changes in a holistic way. It is the only program designed to meet the unique opportunities – and challenges – women experience in their industries.

To prepare women in each industry or sector, this program complements in-person training with inspiring speakers, networking events, virtual training, coaching, and facilitation of the development and planning for a collaborative action plan – designed by each cohort – to propel women to greater heights and to truly change the world.

Research-based learning

Executive coaching

Group mastermind & knowledge exchange

Relevant insights from industry experts

In-person training

"I got my power back, I got my voice back, and an unapologetic fierceness."
- Dena Trakes Patton
Our comprehensive four-pillar approach cracks the code and provides the breakthrough women need
Teaches practical “Power Tool” skills
 Connects with mentoring, coaching, and cohort building
 Presents role models
 Drives change with thought leadership
Changing the narrative
We change the focus from obsession with problems to shining a laser beam on the solutions—what is working to advance women toward parity, including internal and external thought leadership.
Unique curriculum
Our program directly addresses women’s relationship with power and intention, internal and external barriers, and changes the paradigm from the outdated “power over” to a more current, collaborative and creative “power TO”—an approach better suited to the very women’s leadership styles that bring higher profits. 

It’s like rocket fuel for the soul, and we see women lift off with confidence, joy, and authenticity. You’ll know yourself better at the end and you will find yourself leading more powerfully and intentionally. During the program, each woman creates her own Strategic Leadership Action Plan to put what she has learned into action.
Collaboration as a core value
This isn't about us, it is about you. Each 50 Women cohort collaborates on a group project and intentionally creates a powerful network to support one another’s success.
Stake in the ground
If you don’t measure it, it doesn’t happen. We keep tabs on crucial impacts. 90% of participants implement their Strategic Leadership Action Plans and claim higher levels of intentionality about their goals and their comfort with embracing their Power TO achieve them. We aim for nothing less than gender parity by 2025. 

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What is Take The Lead?
Take The Lead is a 501c3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to prepare, develop, inspire and propel women to take their fair and equal share of leadership positions across all sectors by 2025.

Learn from best-selling author Gloria Feldt, co-founder of Take The Lead and a national expert on leadership, and from a diverse slate of certified Take The Lead Leadership Ambassadors. 
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